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By Appointment Only, Mondays And Thursdays.  The Photo Studio is located in room G-9 at the National Guard HQ building in Draper, 12953 So. Minuteman Drive (east frontage road next to I-15 Northbound).

The Utah Army National Guard Visual Information Office is transitioning to a new automated request system. The automated request system is called the Visual Information Ordering System (VIOS) and is mandated for immediate use by the Department of the Army. All requests for support must go through this system. The system may be accessed at  http://www.vios.army.mil

 Logon and password to access the requesting system will be your AKO authentication.
"Utah ARNG" from the installation menu. Click here for detailed instructions.

All requests for DA photo appointments will be made using this system as well as all other services provided by this office. The VIOS request system supports Army National Guard, Active Duty Army and Army Reserve soldiers.

When scheduling a DA/Passport photo or ordering a product or service from

the Visual Information office, the VIOS website (www.vios.army.mil) usually

generates a certificate that conflicts with our internal network security.

For instructions on how to clear this message and use the ordering website:

Click Here.

Navy and USMC personnel only please contact the G6 Helpdesk at (801) 432-4357, DSN 766-4357 for assistance in making appointments.

(We have been submitting Official DA Photos to the DAPMIS system since November of 2002.)

Department of the Army Official Photograph

The Department of the Army Official Photograph is for grades E5 and above.  The official photograph is  length digital color.  All photographs are taken with a professional quality digital camera and can be printed in color.  If printed the photograph will then will given to the individual for hand carry to his/her 201 file.
NOTE: Prints are no longer required for Active Duty Army.
We are also participating in the Department of the Army Photo Management Information System known as DAPMIS.  Official digital photographs will be uploaded by this office to the DAPMIS server where they may be reviewed by the individual through AKO Internet access.


Processing of Official DA Photographs

Before having your photograph taken you are required to check the 2-1 file of your 201 personnel packet to insure you have all the medals, ribbons and devices (oak leaves, stars, hour glass, etc) you are authorized.  Replace any ribbons and devices on your uniform that look worn.

Note:  No extra uniform items or ribbons are available at the photo studio.

Your Class “A” uniform should be cleaned and pressed.  Dressing room facilities are located near the photo studio.  Make sure your military appearance is within the standards of AR 670-1.

Required items you must bring with you:

Class A uniform to include: coat, trousers or skirt, shirt or blouse,  tie, shoes,  hat, ribbons, medals, and nametag. 

Photographs are taken by appointment.  Mondays And Thursdays.    All requests for appointments are made through the VIOS Requesting System.  All requests for photo support must go through this system. The system may be accessed at  http://www.vios.army.mil

Logon and password to access the requesting system will be your AKO authentication.
"Utah ARNG" from the installation menu.

Passport Photos (Military and Civilian)
Passport Photos are taken on request through the VIOS Requesting System. Photos are taken Monday thru Thursday. Civilian Passport photos are required to be taken while wearing a civilian collared shirt, any color except white. Military Passport photos may be taken with the standard issue brown t-shirt worn under the ACU army uniform, but it is recommended to be taken in a civilian shirt.



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