640th Regiment (RTI)

Utah National Guard


(1) WLC students will stay in open bays at no charge.

(2) All ALC, SLC, BSNCOC, 13 CMF, 25CMF, and 35CMF Courses will stay in BEQ/BOQ.  The cost is $6-$15 per night depending on room availability and rank. Bedding and towels are provided in the BEQ. You are encouraged to make prior- room coordination with the Utah Training Center (UTC) Billeting Office by calling (801)878-5410 during the hours of Sat-Thurs 0900-1700hrs and on Fridays from 0800-2000hrs.  Ensure that you let the UTC Billeting Office know what course you will be attending, as they have rooms blocked out for each course. Upon Check-in, you will be required to place a Credit/Debit Card on file with the Billeting office.  This expense is reimbursable on a DD Form 1351-2 or through DTS Voucher, (Government Travel Card is preferred, but not limited to Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover).

(3) FSC Quarters: You will reside Off-post. Your Orders should state: Government Quarters are not available. Rental car is suggested.  Per Diem rates are $106 a day for lodging in the Salt Lake City/Riverton area. Commute from hotels in the surrounding area is about 10 miles one way to Camp Williams.

(4) Some courses at the 640th Regiment (RTI) are Resident courses and require students to remain on Post. Local soldiers will be considered on a case by case basis depending on which course and its demand.

(5) There are no housing facilities for Spouse/Dependents on Post.

Billeting Rates as of January 2015