640th RTI Artillery
13B10 MOSQ
The objective of the course is to teach the skills required of a basic soldier and the skills required to perform as a skill level 1 soldier in a field artillery  howitzer section.
Packing List Information Letter
13B30 ALC *
The objective of the course is to train Field Artillery Cannon section chiefs to lead, train, and direct subordinates to maintain, operate, and employ weapons and equipment.
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13B40 SLC *
The objective of the course is to train the artillery cannon NCO to perform the duties at the rank of SFC as a platoon sergeant, chief of firing battery, gunnery sergeant, battalion master gunner and battalion ammunition NCO, as well as assume the duties of the executive officer or platoon leader when required.
Packing List Information Letter
For ATTRS and school information contact 3rd Battalion Operations NCO

If you report to any of these courses after 2400 hrs on the specified report date, you will not be enrolled in the course and will be immediately returned to you home station.

Soldiers attending 13B MOS-T must be qualified in Physical Demand Category (PDC) "Heavy" as determined by HQDA EXORD 202-16. OPAT testing must be accomplished prior to course start date.

Soldiers attending 13B ALC or SLC are required to complete a Criterion Writing Assignment prior to course start date. An access code and link will be sent out to the students in a Reserve Status. If you have not received an access code within 3 days of the start date, contact the course manager. Criterion Website: https://criterion.ets.org