Effective:  1 October 2004

1. A Commander’s Interview should be used to determine the best qualified individual when leaders need to select motor vehicle operators. Factors to consider are:
- Personnel over 25 years of age are usually more mature than younger people. Minimum age for a bus license is 21.
- Driving experience of several years during which the soldier has driven accident free will usually indicate good judgment and coordination.

2. The interview should be informal and the person must understand its purpose. Information from the interview may be entered on the DA Form 348. Inform the individual of the Privacy Act provisions.

3. The interview may be opened with remarks such as the following: "You are to be asked a number of questions about yourself, your driving record and your experience. Answers dealing with your record of accidents and violations will be checked against official records. Your answers will be used to help place you in work for which you are best fitted."

4. The following questions are suggested for use in the interview:

a. How old are you?

b. How many years of schooling have you completed?

c. Do you have a valid State operator’s permit? CDL? Class? Restrictions? Endorsements?

d. Do you wear corrective lenses or do you have any problems with your eyes?

e. Do you have any hearing problems?

f. Do you have any physical defects that might affect you as a driver?

g. How many years have you been driving?

h. What type of vehicles have you driven?

i. Have you ever driven a manual shift transmission vehicle?

j. How much experience have you had driving a passenger car?

k. Approximately how many miles have you driven during the past twelve months?

l. How much experience have you had driving a truck of 2 ton capacity or greater?

m. Have you ever driven a front-wheel drive vehicle? Have you ever driven a four-wheel drive vehicle?

n. Have you ever driven a tractor-trailer combination? How much?

o. Have you ever driven a passenger bus? How much?

p. How many times in the past five years have you been cited for a traffic violation? Type and date?

q. How many accidents have you had in which someone was injured or in which property damage exceeded $2000. Type and date?

r. Explain who was at fault and how, in your opinion, the accident(s) could have been avoided?

s. How do you account for you good or poor driving record?

t. Have you had any experience as an automobile mechanic or in related work?

u. Do you have any personal objections to becoming a military motor vehicle operator (bus operator)?

v. Do you think you would make a good military driver? Why?

w. Have you ever been involved in a drug or alcohol offense? (driving or otherwise)

x. What do you think are the major causes of traffic accidents?

y. What do you think should be done to reduce the number of traffic accidents?