640TH Regiment (RTI)


BASIC Leader Course

Utah National Guard



The Basic Leader Course(BLC) represents the first level of the Army Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Military Education, under the Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES).

BLC is a 22-day resident course.

BLC produces competent junior NCO's who are qualified team/section/squad leaders, trainers of leaders and warfighting skills, evaluators and counselors, conductors and participants in individual and collective training, performer and teachers of leader skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

BLC instills self-discipline, professional ethics, and establishes the foundation for further training and leader development.

BLC is conducted in a challenging, live-in, leadership-intensive, Non- Commissioned Officer Academy environment.


For course specific information see ATRRS Course Catalog.

Class dates are available on ATRRS.

Packing List is available here.    Welcome Letter is available here.

IAW Army Directive 2012-20, effective 1 Nov 12, successful completion of the APFT and compliance with AR 600-9 administered/screened during the course will be a graduation requirement.

IAW ALARACT 216-2012, SSD 1 will become a prerequisite to attend BLC effective 1 April 2013.

BLC IS A COMPUTER BASED TRAINING COURSE; All student materials and manuals are loaded on a laptop computer and issued to each student. A KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO USE  WINDOWS 7 OPERATING SYSTEM WILL BE VERY HELPFUL

No transportation will be provided for students arriving before the course report date.