640TH Regiment (RTI)


Battle Staff NCO Course

Utah National Guard


This course is a functional course that prepares Staff Sergeants through Sergeants Major for duty as NCO's for battalion and brigade level staff positions.

Every student should read the welcome letter and student information documents. These memorandums contain valuable information and requirements which must be met for successful completion of the course.

The Battle Staff NCO Course is the only course offered by the US Army to train NCO staff members how to operate as part of a battalion or higher staff. The course is an intense, fast paced, performance-oriented program of instruction that concentrates on the battle staff duties and responsibilities of the coordinating and special staff sections, regardless of the NCOs functional area assignment.

The course focuses on Warfighter tasks, Military Decision Making Process, Plans, Orders and Annexes, Military Intelligence, Graphics and Overlays and Sustainment. In addition, all students will present several briefings and take part in a STAFFEX in which they will apply what they have learned throughout the course.

Battle Staff Welcome Letter

For information concerning BSNCOC please email the Course Manager.

For course specific information see ATRRS Course Catalog.

Class dates are available on ATRRS.

BSNCOC IS A COMPUTER BASED TRAINING COURSE;  All student material and manuals are loaded on a laptop computer and issued to each student.  A KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO USE WINDOWS XP OPERATING SYSTEM WILL BE VERY HELPFUL.

No transportation will be provided for students arriving before the course report date.