Mission Statement
The 653d Trial Defense Team provides advice, consultation and representation to Utah National Guard personnel in military justice legal situations.


INDEPENDENT COUNSEL. The 653d Trial Defense Team (TDT) is modeled after the active component in that none of our Trial Defense Counsel (TDC) are rated or supervised by anyone inside the State Command in Utah.  This is done to remove potential unlawful command influence on the military justice system.  All of our TDCs are M-Day status.  Please ensure that enough time is allowed so that personnel can consult with a TDC prior to responding to legal issues.  Please request a TDC as soon as possible by filling out this form and submitting via the internet.  Otherwise, please print the request, fill it out and email it to:

CIVILIAN LEGAL ISSUES. The TDT does not usually represent military personnel in civilian court. If you are charged with a civilian offense you should see a private attorney as soon as possible. If you are facing jail time for a civilian charge, a court will ordinarily allow you to apply for court appointed counsel at an arraignment (first appearance). You may have your private attorney coordinate us to understand the implications of the charges pending on your military service. Please note that when you are represented by another attorney that a TDC cannot talk to you without getting the approval from that attorney.


1. Courts-Martial Representation
2. Article 32 Representation
3. Counseling of pretrial confinees
4. Formal Non-Judicial Punishment
6. Officer Elimination Actions
7. Enlisted Separation Boards
8. Grade Reduction
9. Administrative Actions
10. Any Other Negative Personnel Actions
11. Civilian Criminal Issues

Please read our Soldier Instruction Memorandum for a full list of assistance available. Commanders may read our Memorandum for Commanders for more information.




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