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Utah National Guard

Before the race
Before the race.jpg
Diverse group of runners
Diverse group of runners.jpg
Father and son
Father and son.jpg
First female runner
First female runner.jpg
Happy to cross the finish line
Happy to cross the finish line.jpg
Leading the pack
Leading the pack.jpg
Major Brent Anderson and son
Major Brent Anderson and son.jpg
Men ages 1-10
Men ages 1-10.jpg
Men ages 11-16
Men ages 11-16.jpg
Men ages 17-21
Men ages 17-21.jpg
Men ages 22-29
Men ages 22-29.jpg
Men ages 30-40
Men ages 30-40.jpg
Men ages 41-50
Men ages 41-50.jpg
Men ages 51-60
Men ages 51-60.jpg
Men ages 61-99
Men ages 61-99.jpg
ROTC Cadre
ROTC Cadre.jpg
SUU President
SUU President.jpg
Sam Slavens
Sam Slavens.jpg
Sprinting for 1st
Sprinting for 1st.jpg
Starting Gun
Starting Gun.jpg
Women ages 1-10
Women ages 1-10.jpg
Women ages 11-16
Women ages 11-16.jpg
Women ages 17-21
Women ages 17-21.jpg
Women ages 22-29
Women ages 22-29.jpg
Women ages 30-40
Women ages 30-40.jpg
Women ages 41-50
Women ages 41-50.jpg
Women ages 61-99
Women ages 61-99.jpg
girls stretching for run
girls stretching for run.jpg
the race begins
the race begins.jpg
young boy in hat running
young boy in hat running.jpg