Local Citizen Thanks the

 Guard for Fire Response


By Sarah Snow

Published July 25, 2007


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ROOSEVELT, Utah — Roosevelt citizen Sarah Snow sent the following letter to Maj. Gen. Brian Tarbet, adjutant general of the Utah National Guard, in appreciation for a Soldier's act of kindness during his unit's activation in response to the Neola Fire July 1-11:

July 7, 2007

Brian Tarbet:

I want to tell you of a story that happened on July 5 and thank you for some wonderful National Guard representatives.

We live in Roosevelt , Utah, and we have the National Guard living at our elementary school while they help with the fire (Neola North).

We had a group of children at the church park just on the other side of the fence from the school. Some of these children go to that elementary school. There were probably 20 children ranging in age from 1-10. They were interested in all the neat stuff at the school.

They were standing at the fence looking over at the trucks and stuff in awe. One of your Guardsmen, I did not get his name, from Lehi saw the kids. He came over to the fence and asked if they would like to sit in the jeeps. The adults did not hear him, but all of a sudden we saw all of the kids on a dead run to get around the fence. They were beaming from ear to ear.

He let them sit in the vehicles and have their picture taken. He even set up the radios in two vehicles to talk to each other. He even explained what they were doing there.

For these children he just made their whole summer wonderful. Every one of them could not stop talking about it to everyone they saw all day long.

A great big thank-you from us to great National Guardsmen who are not only keeping us safe from the fires but will also take time for curious children.

Thanks again,

Sarah Snow



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