Kimberly Gauer Becomes a Utah Guard First to Pioneer New Age Limits


Written by Sgt. Kelly Collett

Published February 6, 2007


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Kimberly Gauer poses in NASCAR driver Casey Mears' car, which is sponsored by the Army National Guard.

Photo courtesy of Utah National Guard

Kimberly Gauer poses in NASCAR driver Casey Mears' car,

which is sponsored by the Army National Guard.

DRAPER, Utah Recruiting has achieved a first for Utah. Kimberly Gauer, 40, enlisted in the Utah National Guard as the first female over 40 since the Army raised the age limit for enlistees to 42. She is also one of the first ten females over 40 to ever join the military.

“I tried before I turned 36 and it just didn’t happen. Ever since then, I’ve been really upset that I didn’t get in before the cut-off date," said Gauer. "So when they lifted the age limit, I wasn’t going to let that happen again. I just have the opportunity right now in my life and my kids are older.”

Gauer will attend initial entry training for her new MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) which will be 42A (Human Resource Specialist). She entered Basic Training one day after the fifth anniversary of 9/11 and traveled to Ft. Jackson, S.C.

“[I’m] excited and scared to death!” said Gauer, on her feelings about attending Basic. “I’m just a little bit worried about the physical stuff, but on the other hand I think I have the determination and the willpower to get through it.”

Gauer is the mother of three. She has an 18-year-old daughter and twin boys who are 16.

When asked how her children felt about her decision, Gauer said they are a little nervous about it but they support her 100 percent.

“They’re already saying, ‘Go kick some butt Mom’.” said Gauer.

When asked about the possibility of being deployed, Gauer didn't hesitate.

“If I do, I do. I know the consequences and I totally support my country. That’s just part of being a part of this,” she said.

"I have always just loved the tradition and the discipline and I have always wanted to be a part of the military,” Gauer added.

The 300th Military Intelligence Brigade will welcome Gauer into Headquarters Company when she returns from her initial entry training in South Carolina.


Kimberly will be returning home February 8, 2007.