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Assistance Visits/ Inspections

The UTNG Inspector General’s Office will conduct announced unit drill assistance visits to enhance the Adjutant General’s feedback system. These assistance visits will extend IG services to all UTNG personnel/families, conduct required reviews, and provide feedback to the Adjutant General on the general state of readiness, training, and stewardship.

In an attempt to minimize disruption to the unit’s drill, the following IG assistance visit protocol will be followed:

· At least one week prior to the assistance visit, the IG office will telephone the unit to coordinate requisite IG support (e.g., office space and sensing session selection process), unit specific requests, and review the visit process.

· No special unit preparation or drill changes should be made in anticipation of the IG assistance visit. No unit IG escort is required during the visit. However, the latest version of the Adjutant General’s policy letter on "How to Contact the IG" must be posted on the unit’s official bulletin board. Additionally, the IG’s visit/availability to receive requests for assistance will be announced at the drill’s first formation. It is a violation of regulations to preclude or threaten any service member from exercising his or her right to see an IG. It is a potential statutory violation for reprising against or threatening a service member who has contacted the IG.

· Visiting IGs will: observe training (based on the published unit training plan), the NCO leadership chain/chain of command stewardship, equipment and facilities, the general drill environment, and service member accountability/welfare.

· IGs will be prepared to receive all individual requests for IG assistance.

· IGs will conduct spot reviews/inspections required by UTNG regulations (e.g., UTNGR 215-1, Federal Unit Funds; UTNGR 600-12, UTNG Family Program; UTNGR 601-280, Commander’s Retention Program; UTNG Pam 600-1, understanding of the Enlisted Promotion System) and review areas of specific STARC command group interest (e.g., APFT documentation).

· IG representatives will usually conduct a sensing session with 6-10 randomly selected junior soldiers (usually E1-E4) to obtain their perception of unit strengths and weaknesses.

· IG exit interviews will be conducted with both the unit commander and unit administrator/first sergeant to capture their "success stories," leadership concerns, and any other matters they deem appropriate for TAG feedback.

In addition to providing IG assistance to UTNG members/families, information gleaned during IG unit drill assistance visits will be used to identify trend data and possible systemic problems. The Adjutant General will be provided a summary of all IG unit drill assistance visits.