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85th Civil Support Team Weapons of Mass Destruction

Who are we?

The 85th Civil support Team, or "CST" is a team comprised of both Army and Air Force personnel. These soldiers and air-men receive, on average, over 800 hours of special training on cutting edge techniques and equipment. All members are HAZMAT Technicians and have a minimum of 10 years of military experience.

The talent of this self-sustaining team is divided into four main sections; Operations, Survey, Medical, and Communications.


Our mission is to augment local and regional terrorism response capabilities in the event of known or suspected Weapons of Mass Destruction.

ASSESS a suspected nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological or explosive device/agent in support of the local Incident Commander.

ADVISE civilian responders regarding appropriate response actions and evacuation plans.

ASSIST with expeditious arrival of additional state and federal assets to help save lives, prevent human suffering, and mitigate property damage.


We are an asset of the Governor of the State of Utah and are here to provide assistance to the on-scene Incident Commander

We work closely with existing Local, County State, and Federal responders and HAZMAT teams.