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Utah National Guard Units

The Utah Army Guard possesses a broad variety of units and capabilities. Administered by Joint Forces HQ, Artillery, Aviation, Maneuver Enhancement, Military Intelligence and Special Forces units carry out their local missions and prepare for overseas service.

The largest Army training center in Utah is Camp W.G. Williams, located at the south end of Salt Lake Valley. Encompassing nearly 30,000 acres, Camp Williams serves not only as a major training site for Utah National Guard units, but also for units throughout the U.S. and even some foreign nations.

In addition to weapons ranges, battle courses and many outdoor training facilities, Camp Williams also has maintenance shops, troop-support capabilities and extensive classroom space. Camp Williams is home to the 640th Regimental Regional Training Institute, which trains National Guard Soldiers from 13 Western states and Guam.

The headquarters of the Utah National Guard is located in Draper next to I-15 in the southern end of Salt Lake Valley. This sprawling facility is also home to several major commands and separate units.

One of the reasons for the success of the Utah Army National Guard is the deep sense of community felt by Guardmembers and Utah citizens.

Guard members are constantly serving their communities in many ways both in and out of uniform. With outstanding leaders, Soldiers, and seasoned combat Veterans, the Utah Army National Guard continues its long tradition of distinguished service to the state and nation.