Supervisors' Instructions for On-Line Submission of Claims

Supervisorís View for On-Line Submissions

CA-1 - Report of Injury Traumatic Injury Cases - CA-2 Occupational Disease/Injury

It is the responsibility of the supervisorís and the employee (or someone acting in the employee's behalf) to submit (on-line) a CA-1 for traumatic injuries, or a CA-2 for Occupational Diseases/Injuries.  It is required that these forms be filed/submitted electronically via the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system on-line within 5-30 days from the date of injury.  Call 801-432-4243 or 801-432-4619 for assistance in filing these forms.  The CA-16 should accompany the injured individual to the physician  Surgery, MRI's, CT scans, and Physical Therapy require pre-authorization.

The CA-16 is not available on-line, but only from the HRO/OWCP Office