Utah National Guard

Employee of the Month Nomination

Letter of Instruction

1. This program is open to all employees (except Temporaries and Contractors) of the Utah Air and Army National Guard who are not currently serving in a supervisory position. ADSW personnel who have been on orders for more than one year are included in this program. Individuals who have received the recognition previously may be nominated after 36 month or are holding a different position.

2. A Selection Committee consisting of members in the Utah Army and Air National Guard will review and select the "Employee of the Month" from the nominations received. Selected Commands and Directorates will provide a primary and alternate member to this selection committee.

3. Supervisors, through their chain of command, may nominate employees for outstanding performance by a letter with the following information: name, position title, rank (if applicable), status (Technician, AGR, State, ADOS) and a narrative justifying the reasons for the individual’s nomination and for services rendered in behalf of his fellow employees above and beyond his duty description. Please, no abbreviations or acronyms. This should be endorsed through the higher command. The letter of nomination may be submitted to the HRO either through the normal mail distribution system or by email. Please send it to HRO, Employee of the Month; or email ng.ut.utarng.list.hro-hrs-owcp@mail.mil. Nominations should be received by the 10th day of each month.

4. The Selection Committee will review all applications and will vote to select the individual who will be recognized as the "Employee of the Month". This employee will be recognized the following month.

5. The supervisor(s) will be notified as to the status of their submission. All nominations for those employees not selected as Employee of the Month will be resubmitted to the committee up to four times. Supervisors may resubmit the same individual with or without additional justification for future "Employee of the Month".

6. The "Employee of the Month" will be recognized in the Adjutant General’s Staff Meeting on the 1st Tuesday of each month. Other recognition will include a photograph to be placed in the "Employee of the Month" board in HRO. There will be a certificate from the Adjutant General, a special gift, and other appropriate recognition as determined by the committee. Technicians will receive a 10-hour time off award, AGR’s will receive a one-day pass, and State employees will receive 10 hours administrative leave. POC for this program can be contacted at 801-432-4243.