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If you supervise ADOS Soldiers please read the following:

All ADOS tours over 30 days must submit an ADOS packet to the AGR section in HRO.  Approved ADOS packets are required prior to cutting ADOS orders over 30 days.  Please use the SIBX ADOS tracker to see when a packet is approved.

Soldiers requiring waivers (approaching 17 yrs Active Federal Service) or other actions requiring NGB approval should submit packets 45 days prior to the beginning of the tour.

Since an approved ADOS packet covers the Soldier for the whole Fiscal Year, no additional packets are required should they change jobs.



          1.  DA Form 1058-R (2 pages *must fill out both pages*)
              - NGB Form 1058-1R required for NGB waivers only (approaching 17 years Active Federal Service)
          2. ADOS In-brief form  Paragraphs need to be initialed by the Soldier and signatures are required at the bottom.
     - Soldiers must get a signature from an authorized rep from their unit's MACOM.
      - Here's a list of approved representatives: MACOM List
          3. Copy of current MEDPROS IMR Record reflecting the following:
              - PHA within 12 months of ADOS start date     
              - HIV 'green' in MODS (within 2 years of ADOS start date)
          4. RPAM Statement
          5. Printout of Soldiers Orders Query screen         
          6. DA Form 705 (passing score within 6 months of ADOS start date)
          7. DA Form 5500/5501 (if applicable)
8. ETS/MRD cannot be within 6 months of ADOS start date, unless waived by the State Adjutant General (AG)
      9. DD 214s must be requested before the Soldier ends the ADOS Tour.
         - Soldiers able to commute to Draper will schedule an appointment and get the copies at that time.  
              - Soldiers unable to make the commute can request a DD 214 be generated using this form: Separation Checklist  
              - The DD 214  worksheet will then be sent to the Soldier via AKO, once they respond the DD 214 will be processed.


For Title 32: Updated NGB Guidance ADOS-OS Policy

For Title 10:  ADOS TITLE 10 Guidance

MOB Augmentee ADOS Policy

         DD Form 214's will be issued by this office for ADOS tours lasting 90 days or more. Please request DD 214's from HRO ADOS NCO  at 432-4315.