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Family Readiness

Family Care Plans>>>          Reunion Information>>>

SRP Documents:  The following two documents need to be filled out and turned into the Family Programs Office in order to complete your SRP Checklist.

v     Family POC Sheet

v     Hearts Apart Enrollment

Are you getting ready to deploy?  Here is some useful information to help you and your family prepare for this separation as well as some benefits that you may be eligible for.

v     Readiness Checklist

v     Family Readiness Organizer

v     Benefits to Remember

v     Utility Abatement Program

v     Army Emergency Relief Loans

v     Aftershocks…Responding to a Traumatic Event

v     Media Awareness Tips

v     Service members’ Civil Relief Act Creditor Letter

v     Children and Deployment

v     Military One Source

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Family Care Plans:  Careful planning is required to ensure adequate care of family members while you are performing required military duties.  Pregnant Service members, single parents, and dual-military couples with dependants may be required to have a Family Care Plan in accordance with AR 600-20.  As the Service member, you will work with your commanding office (or designated representative) to review and sign-off each item on the Family Care Plan Checklist.  The following documents are needed to complete your Family Care Plan.

v     DA Form 5304-R – Family Care Plan Counseling Checklist

v     DA Form 5305-R – Family Care Plan

v     DA Form 5840-R – Certificate of Acceptance as Guardian

v     DA Form 5841-R – Power of Attorney

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Reunion Information:  The Family Programs Office will hold reunion workshops for family members approximately 30 to 45 days prior to each units anticipated return.  If you would like to schedule a reunion workshop for your Family Readiness Group please contact the Family Programs Office or your closest Family Assistance Center.  If you are unable to attend a reunion workshop you may download a copy of the workbook used here.

v     Reunion Manual

















Family Safety: Recent VA studies have shown that veterans returning from deployments have an increased risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Please visit www.safedriving.va.gov to review and download program materials on the Veterans' Safe Driving Initiative.

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