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Welcome to the Utah National Guard Education Web Site. The intent of this web site is to provide useful education information for guard members. Please select an option from the menu below to retrieve education info. Also check the education news located on this webpage for new and important information

The following list applies to both Service members & Family members

1.Eligibility in state of legal residence

1.Military personnel and their spouse/dependents remain eligible for in-state tuition benefits as long as Utah remains their home of record.

2.Eligibility in state of assignment

2.Soldiers assigned to active duty in Utah, and the immediate members of their families residing with them, are entitled to resident status for tuition purposes.

3.Continuity of in state eligibility once established

3.Benefit continues when military sponsor is reassigned to another state, the military member spouses/dependents will maintain eligibility for in-state tuition if they maintain continuous enrollment at the degree level in which currently enrolled.

Tuition FAQ's

Q: How do I apply for Federal Tuition Assistance online?

A: To apply for Federal Tuition Assistance go to https://minuteman.ngb.army.mil/benefits/ and login using your CAC card.




State Tuition Waiver Program (Scholarship) Joint Program

The State Tuition Waiver Program was developed to aid Soldiers and Airmen of the Utah National Guard to receive tuition assistance at all Utah State public universities and colleges. The program will cover the cost of tuition equivalent to the full time rate of (12-18 credit hours) for the academic school year.  This includes both semesters for Fall and Spring each year.   To be considered for the State Tuition Waiver you must submit an application between January 1st and May 31st prior to the year you will attend.

ELIGIBILITY: Senate Bill 109 limits eligibility to Utah National Guard members who:

1. Have been accepted as a student at a Utah State public College or University for the 2013-2014 school year.
2. Will be attending school as a full-time student for the entire 2013-2014 school year.
3. Are MOS/AFSC qualified?
4. Do not have a 4-year degree.
5. Who are not on active duty (AGR/ADSW)
6. Are considered Utah residents by the school they will be attending.



1. Complete the application for the Utah National Guard Tuition Waiver. (State Tuition Waiver Application)
2. Submit a short essay (1 to 2 pages) on “Discuss your opinion regarding our nation's current economic situation with regard to your military career. How has the economy influenced your decision to enlist, re-enlist, or discontinue your military service?”
3. Submit a copy of your school transcripts for every high school, college, or university that you have attended.  Copies of  your transcripts maybe unofficial (copied and pasted into a word document).  But the unofficial transcripts must have your name and the name of the school on the copy and pasted document.


Once you have completed your application you may submit it via email to ng.ut.utarng.list.education-office@mail.mil Application packets must be mailed or emailed to the appropriate Education Office, and be postmarked no later then 31 May 2013;

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