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Selective Reserve Incentive Programs (SRIP)


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Civilian Acquired Skills Bonus Program

Affiliation Bonus

Student Loan Repayment Program

Prior Service Enlistment Bonus

Reenlistment/Extension Bonus

Health Loan Repayment Program

Enlistment Bonus, Off-peak and Critical Skills Bonuses *Updated*

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Affiliation Bonus Program


An Affiliation Bonus is authorized for prior service soldiers who, upon release from active duty, possess the required grade (or no more than one grade below the required grade) and MOS of the unit position vacancy into which they are enlisting, and have a remaining military service obligation (MSO). The additional following criteria must also be met:

  • The MOS must appear on the DD Form 214 as the PMOS, SMOS, or AMOS or, the soldier must have orders indicating the MOS was awarded while on active duty.
  • The soldier must be qualified in that MOS and have that MOS awarded as primary MOS upon enlistment into the Army National Guard and must have a remaining statutory MSO in accordance with Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 650 and AR 135-91, Table 2-4.
  • If a soldier is assigned to a position using the substitution rules per AR 611-21, the affiliation bonus will be paid upon the soldier's affiliation with the unit. However, the soldier must complete the required training to become MOS qualified and be awarded the MOS as primary MOS. The soldier will have two years to complete formal training for MOS qualification unless the proponent only offers the training over a longer period such as the multi-phased medical MOS courses. If the soldier does not complete the required training the bonus will be terminated without recoupment at the end of the 24-month period.
  • Soldiers who enlisted from another service must be awarded an MOS as primary using the DoD Conversion Manual and Army policies and procedures.
  • List NGB Form 600-7-4-R-E as Annex B on the DD Form 4 for an enlistment with an Affiliation Bonus processed by the field Recruiting and Retention NCOs. A soldier who enlists through the Reserve Component Transition Program (In-service) will use DA Form 5261-3-R for accession into the ARNG.
  • Soldiers who are separated from an active component with a Re-entry (RE) Code of 1, 2, or 3, and one of the separation program designator (SPD) codes indicated below are eligible to enlist in the ARNG for the affiliation bonus. They must meet the enlistment/re-enlistment criteria in NGR 600-200, Chapter 2 (annual enlistment criteria memorandum):.


Payment Schedule:

  • Remaining MSO (Military Service Obligation) times (x) $50.00 will give you the total amount of money you will receive over the remaining MSO in the Army National Guard.
  • The amount of money is split in half (1/2): One (1) payment up front and the second payment 6 years after your MSO date.

Example: 2 years = 24 MOS (x) $50.00 = 1,200.00 ($600.00 & $600.00)

Prior Service Enlistment Bonus


A PS enlistment bonus is offered for PS soldiers who have completed their Military Service Obligation (MSO) but have less than 14 years total service and meet the following criteria:

  1. Enlist for at least three years.
  2. Must be enlisting in a Modified Table of Organization Equipment (MTOE) unit.
  3. Must be MOS qualified for the position into which enlisted.
  4. Must be enlisted in a valid, vacant position.  Documented over-strength and excess positions are not eligible for this incentive.
  5. Enlistees must have received honorable discharges at the conclusion of their prior military service.
  6. If enlisting from another reserve component, the soldier must have at least a twelve-month break in service to qualify for this bonus.   This does not apply if the soldier’s position was lost due to inactivation/restructure.
  7. Have not previously been paid a bonus for enlistment, re-enlistment, extension of an enlistment, or affiliation with a reserve component.  This does not preclude the enlistee from receiving the second three-year bonus if available upon completion of the initial three-year bonus as detailed in PS bonus payment schedule.

 PS Enlistment Bonus Payment Schedule:

  1. On a three-year enlistment for $2,500, the soldier will receive $1,250 (50%) upon enlistment and $1,250 (50%) effective upon completion of the third year.  If available, at the conclusion of the first three-year enlistment, the soldier may re-enlist or extend for an additional three years for $2,000.  These contracts must be consecutive.
  2. The second bonus is payable at $1,000 (50%) upon re-enlistment or extension and $1,000 (50%) effective upon completion of the third year.
  3. The soldier may not be offered a re-enlistment or extension bonus for $2,500 at the completion of the first three-year prior service enlistment bonus.  Each bonus must be paid in accordance with the law that governs that particular bonus.

Health Load Repayment Program


For assistance and more information regarding the Health Loan repayment program, please contace the following:

SFC Robet B. Thomas
Recruiting/Retention NCO
Office:  (801) 523-4432
Fax:      (801) 523-4701
Pager:   1-800-612-7400

E-mail:  robert.thomas@ut.ngb.army.mil

Civilian Acquired Skills Program


The Civilian Acquired Skills Program (CASP) is based on the incentive authorized for the unit of assignment. The CASP bonus will be $3,000.  CASP applicants are not authorized critical MOS bonuses. 

  • For criteria pertaining to CASP MOSs, see NGR 600-200, Chapter 3. For enlistment, the applicant must meet the criteria outlined in NGR 600-7, Chapter 6.
  • The applicant will sign NGR 600-7-1-R-E. Section II, paragraph 6 will indicate CASP next to the MOS. An applicant who enlists for CASP will remain in that MOS for their initial contracted period

Student Load Repayment Program


Print copy of Annex S to the DD Form 4

The Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) will be offered as an enlistment option for non-prior service enlistees regardless of MOS. However, once the applicant chooses an MOS, the applicant’s SLRP eligibility is tied to that MOS for the initial three year period. Those enlistees must meet the following conditions:

  1. Must be in test score category I, II, or IIIA.
  2. The soldier must have existing loans at the time of enlistment. This is based on disbursement of the loans. Loans established or disbursed after the date of enlistment will not be eligible. Entitlement is for the initial contract period only.
  3. The soldier must enlist for a 6X2 or 8X0 contract period.
  4. The amount of SLRP will not exceed $10,000.
  5. An applicant must be enlisted against a valid vacant MTOE position. Documented over-strength or excess positions are not eligible for this incentive. Glossary Non-prior service applicants are not eligible for an incentive.

Current members with existing loans may re-enlist or extend for SLRP provided they re-enlist or extend for a term of service that will provide a contractual obligation of not less than 6 years from the date of the SLRP agreement.

  1. The amount of SLRP will not exceed $10,000 with a maximum payment of 15 percent or $500 which ever is greater. Payment is based on the original principle and does not include interest.
  2. Have served the last 3 consecutive years in an active status in a unit of the ARNG. Periods of Inactive National Guard service constitute a break.
  3. Immediately re-enlist or extend for a term of service that will provide a contractual obligation of not less than 6 years from the date of the SLRP agreement.  No further extension are authorized for the SLRP.
  4. Have not received the SLRP as an enlistment, re-enlistment, or extension option in the Selected Reserve and have existing loans at the time the re-enlistment or extension is signed. A soldier re-enlisting or extending in the 90-day window will not be authorized payment on loans established after the contract has been signed. Loans established after the date of re-enlistment or extension are not eligible for SLRP.
  5. Have less than 14 years total service at their current ETS.
  6. Are assigned to a valid position vacancy and hold as primary MOS the MOS required for that position. Soldiers who do not hold the MOS but who are eligible for it may re-classify into or have it re-designated as their primary MOS on the date of the SLRP contract. Documented over-strength or excess positions are not eligible for this incentive. 

Types of Loans Covered:

  • Stafford Loan Program
  • Federally Insured Student Loan
  • Perkins Loan
  • Auxiliary Loans to Assist Students
  • Supplemental Loans to Students
  • William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program
  • Consolidated Loan Program

How does one obtain a Loan?

  • It is the responsibility of the soldier to secure his/her own student loan. The agency best equipped to aid the soldier is the financial aid office at the college where the soldier is enrolled or desires to enroll.

When can the loan be repaid?

  • When the soldier is (a) MOS Qualified and a Secondary School Graduate (i.e. High School Graduate or GED), and (b) has completed one (1) year of service since signing his/her Student Loan Repayment Agreement, and (c) the Loan is one (1) year old.

What are the Repayment Procedures:

  • 4-6 Weeks prior to the anniversary of the date when the soldier signed up for the Student Loan, the soldier must notify his unit to complete a Student Loan Repayment Memorandum (New Procedure as of 1 October 1999).
  • Both the soldier and unit will complete their respective sections of this form and the unit will forward it to the Financial Institution. The Financial Institution completes there respective portion of the Memorandum, and returns it to the State Incentive Manager. 
  • This is considered taxable income and will also appear on the soldier's Leave & Earning Statement (LES).
  • **IMPORTANT the soldier is still responsible for all payments, the Utah Army National Guard does not assume responsibility for payment. If soldier's loan is in DEFAULT, the UTARNG will not assume responsibility

Termination Reason(s):

  • Soldier becomes an Unsatisfactory Participant (9 AWOLS).
  • Returns from the Inactive National Guard (ING) and does not extend his/her enlistment.
  • Exceeds authorized time in the ING.
  • Separates from the Selected Reserve as an enlisted member.
  • Accepts a permanent position as a Military Technician.
  • Enters Active Duty, ADT (Active Duty for Training), or ADSW (Active Duty for Special Work) in excess of 89 days, except for formal training.
  • Does not become MOS qualified as required.
  • Enrolls in the Chapter 30, Active Duty entitlement portion of the Montgomery GI Bill on or after 1 July 1985.
  • Final payment of loans.

Who can I contact for further information?:

The Chain of Command is your best bet, if your full-time support personnel cannot answer your questions, have the full-time support personnel in your unit call the Incentive Office.

Re-enlistment/Extension Bonuses


Copy of Annex R to DD Form 4/ DA Form 4836

EFFECTIVE: Valid through 30 September 2004, unless sooner rescinded or modified.

  1. Soldiers who have less than 14 years at Expiration Term of Service (ETS) and have never received a re-enlistment/extension bonus may extend for 3 years for a $2,500 bonus. Soldiers who have less than 14 years and are completing an initial 3-year $2,500 re-enlistment/extension bonus term may extend for an additional 3 years to receive a second 3-year bonus of $2,000. The first and second contracts must be consecutive. Soldiers must contract for an extension bonus within the 90-day window prior to their ETS.
  2. Soldiers who would be bonus-eligible upon ETS and otherwise required to extend prior to the 90-day window to attend formal military training may extend their enlistment. The extension of enlistment does not take affect until the day after the original ETS date. No bonus payments will be processed until the extension of enlistment is in effect.
  3. The first 3-year re-enlistment/extension bonus is payable at $1,250 (50 percent) upon re-enlistment/extension and $1,250 (50 percent) upon completion of the third year.
  4. The second 3-year re-enlistment/extension bonus is payable at $1,000 (50 percent) upon re-enlistment/extension and $1,000 (50 percent) upon completion of the third year. The soldier will receive back-to-back payments of $1,250 and $1,000 at the end of the first bonus and beginning of the second bonus.
  5. A $5,000 re-enlistment/extension bonus is no longer offered in the Utah Army National Guard, unit's can only offer the two (2) three year reenlistment/extension bonuses.
  6. Soldiers who previously received a 6-year re-enlistment/extension bonus, regardless of the amount, are not eligible for a 3-year re-enlistment/extension bonus or another 6-year bonus in accordance with Title 37, USC, Section, 308b.


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