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Consider the following if faced with the challenge of deployment, natural disaster, or an emergency situation: Are you prepared? Do members of your family know how to handle different situations in the absence of each other? What about finances, your civilian job, pets, etc?

How does Family Readiness happen? By being proactive. Period. Take the time now to plan and educate your family and you will significantly reduce, if not eliminate, hours of stress, worry, and frustration when the unexpected happens.

Family Readiness Checklist

A comprehensive list of items to review prior to deployment.  Booklet covers areas such as medical benefits, household maintenance, family member information, transportation, finances, and other areas of importance.

Family Readiness Checklist

Family Readiness Handbook

A handbook containing checklists to assist you in determining your current state of “family readiness”, Tips on being equipped and prepared for the unexpected, lists of National Guard Family Program offices
Resource across the nation.

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Family Readiness Organizer

This organizer offers a place to record important information such as military records, health information, financial documents, burial/funeral preferences, and other important items.

Family Readiness Organizer

Financial Readiness

Money plays a huge role in life today. We earn it, use it to meet our basic needs, and spend it like crazy. Despite the joys and toys it brings us, it continues to be a source of frustration, anxiety, and tension. Why? Mostly because we are not managing it wisely. If fact, more often then not, IT is managing us.

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Mobilization Readiness

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Disaster Preparedness

Emergencies happen anywhere and at anytime. Prepare yourself for an emergency or disaster.

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The "PINK BOOK" workbook contains a preparation checklist, family contingency plan, and vital information forms for you to fill out prior to mobilization or deployment.

Family Readiness Workbook - The Pink Book