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Military pay, allowances, benefits and entitlements are dependant, all or in part, on the service member’s rank, length of service, dependent status, and duty status.


Reading Your Leave and Earning Statement
The Leave and Earning Statement (LES) is the military’s “paycheck stub”. The LES shows monies received and how they were distributed. All pay and allowances are delivered to the member’s chosen financial institution through electronic funds transfer or “direct deposit”.

To view your LES online and for instructions on reading the LES visit the following link:  www.mypay.dfas.mil


My Pay
MyPay has a feature called RAPIN (Restricted Access Personal Identification Number) which allows soldiers to provide a trusted individual with view-only access to LES statements and W-2 forms. Set-up the RAPIN by signing into MyPay, then going to the “Personal Settings” page and click on “Restricted Access PIN”. Then input the information required and provide the trusted individual with the PIN and login information.

To access MyPay, visit: www.mypay.dfas.mil

Federal income and social security taxes are automatically withheld from military pay. State taxes are also withheld, unless the state has such an agreement with the U.S. Treasury. When serving in a combat zone or certain other designated regions, earnings may be excluded from taxable income. Certain limitations may apply.

Visit the following link for additional information:  www.defenselink.mil/militarypay/pay/tax/index.html

Inactive Duty Training (IDT) Pay
IDT is commonly referred to as “drill pay.” The amount a soldier earns is again dependant on rank and years of service.

To view the current IDT pay chart visit: www.dod.mil/militarypay


Incentive, Special Pay, and Allowances
In addition to basic pay or IDT pay, many National Guard members are eligible for additional compensation based on incentives, special duty, or allowances. Examples of specialty pay include: jump pay, hazardous duty, hostile fire and imminent danger, etc. Allowances are generally paid when a soldier is on active duty. Examples of allowances include: Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) and Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

For additional information on BAS, visit: http://dod.mil/militarypay

For additional information on BAH, visit: https://secureapp2.hqda.pentagon.mil/perdiem/bah.html